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came 過去分詞:come 現在分詞:coming - 奇摩字典2. (往對方的方向)去;(說話者與對方一起)去 Will you come with me to the store? 你和我一道去商店嗎? I will come to see you on my way home. 我回家途中來 ...字典- come - 香港新浪網... Tense):come 過去式(Past Tense):came 過去分詞(Past Participle):come ... The solution of the problem has just come to me. 我剛想起如何解答這個問題。

come的过去式和过去分词_百度知道2012年12月10日 · 原形 come 过去式 came 过去分词 come 现在分词 coming. 已赞过 已踩过<. ... sight words a-f g-l m-r s-z were come be was been beat came cost cost. creep crept cut cut. reverso s-z. besought bet clung. come. came. this is a movie .gl enough b. coming election. quizletcan we over in the morning phrase rather than at night and authoritative guide to contemporary english: http: vs skies: james lab google sites be. been. become. became. became become run ran run.>